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TENNIS Group Junior Oz Champs
14 October
04:00PM - 04:55PM
2 slots left
AGE 6-7, ORANGE BALL • modified court approx. 1/2 court with mini-net, 50% compression orange ball, 21-23 inch rackets. • full swing shapes including the use of spin. • rally consistency, ball control up-line & cross-court. • coordinated rotation & use of both arms. • expanding shot & footwork capacity. • expand serve & return base. • tactical awareness for competition. • modified scoring & understanding the rules of the game. • Health & Safety Measures and Professional Liability, attendance of all classes is restricted to a coach & player(s) only (‘No Spectators’ permitted). • Cancellation & Credit Return, you may cancel a booking up to 12 hours prior to class & receive a return of your credit. If you cancel your booking within less than 12 hours notice, you will lose your credit. Please bring sports attire, your own racket (Dunlop stock available for purchase online), water bottle & your A-game!