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FIT Group Adult Pilates
29 February
08:00AM - 08:55AM
2 slots left
ADULT, PILATES Group circuit Pilates is a powerful way to promote relaxation & mindfulness, allowing the body to enter a "rest and digest" state that leads to various physiological benefits. It enhances flexibility and posture, facilitates post-rehabilitation, & helps prevent injuries caused by muscle imbalances. Pilates also strengthens & tones the core muscles, encourages efficient breathing, & improves physical coordination and balance. We provide towels & a dedicated playroom for kids. • Health & Safety Measures and Professional Liability, attendance of all classes is restricted to a coach & participant(s) only (‘No Spectators’ permitted). • Cancellation & Credit Return, you may cancel a booking up to 12 hours prior to class & receive a return of your credit. If you cancel your booking within less than 12 hours notice, you will lose your credit. Please bring sports attire, water bottle & high energy!